We remodel commercial toys and create new toys/attachments by 3D printing to make our life a little happier.

Some of our 3D modeling products are sold at Creator’s Market at DMM.make that prints and delivers objects on demand. If you live in Japan, please check our “Toyhack Shop @ DMM.akiba

Renesus GR-LYCHEE customizable camera case

GR-LYCHEE is a cute Arduino-compatible ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1LU board with a nice camera module, produce by Renesus. You can get one here. Our model is intended to be the best case of the board when used as a camera, which can contain an easy-to-get dry battery case and an LCD display, as well as a cheap universal prototyping board sold at Akizuki denshi.On top of the case is the LEGO-compatible attachments, which you can play with.

You can get one at our DMM shop!

With this case, we won the first prize at GR-LYCHEE DESIGN CONTEST 2018.

micro:bit & its battery case that connects LEGO

We are big fans of micro:bit & LEGO. We tried to harness these two worlds by 3D printed cases for micro:bit itself and its battery board (MI:power by Kitronik) and battery box (Switch science’s dry battery case). You can buy one from our Toyhack Shop @ DMM.akiba, if you live in Japan. The installation video:

Cheero case that connects LEGO

There are some LEGO-connectable microcomputer board cases publicly available. The black box in the photo is one of my favorite Raspberry Pi cases. However, there are almost no LEGO cases for batteries!
Therefore, we created a mobile battery case for “Cheero IoT” which is popular for geeks.

You can get one at Toyhack Shop @ DMM.akiba!

SPLA shooter mount for Splatoon by TateTate

This mount attaches your Nintendo switch controller to the SPLA shooter, which allows you to more immerse into Splatoon world.

We also presented this at Maker Faire Tokyo 2018!

Kamen Rider Fourze Driver (Belt) Remodeling for better feeling of Henshin

The Kamen Rider Fourze’s Driver is the best gadget ever! It is accompanied with a lot of switch modules and easy to hack. We embed a bluetooth board into the driver to read the switch statuses and use it for controlling lots of ceiling LED lamps (Philips Hue) to enhance the feeling of transformation.

Cast: Aiko Kano (A-masso) & Superlog

Remodel Zyuoh Changer into a phone

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (JP HP)”‘s transformation item “Zyuoh Changer” is shaped like a cellphone. Therefore we added a real phone ability by Twilio, Raspberry pi, 3G SIM, and Lightblue Bean. It took as long as 3 months to create this. It was a hard work (After published this article, I realized Qiita is not the place to announce this sort of case study.)


ELEKIT sells a cute toy grasshopper with solar panels. I used a door vibration sensor, a temperature/humidity sensor, acceleration sensor, and human detection sensor. Also I added a song module taken from Eric Carl’s ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’. This one sends the atmosphere information with BLE and controls home appliances with ECHONET Lite. This development was fun.

This was awaded by the first ELEKIT Contest
第1回「エレキット くらしハックコンテスト」技術賞受賞作品