Nursery Project

We are IT ambassadors of Kuraki Nagata Nursery School @ Yokohama, Tokyo.
We develop new toys or other software/hardware system to makes the children happy and support their education environment.

Hacker’s Fairy Door

In summer 2018, Kuraki Nagata Nursery School held an event for children to experience an adventure with fairies.
The finale of the event was to watch fairies fly off to the sky from the door.

Demonstrated at :
2018.7.13 @ Kuraki Nagata Nursery School
2018.8.4-5 @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2018

Bidirectional Picture Story Show

This is an IT-powered picture story show that automatically controls lights, fan, etc. on the progress of the story. The audience can also give feedback to the system by making handclap or any noise.

Demonstrated at :
2018.8.4-5 @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2018
2018.8.14 @ Kuraki Nagata Nursery School