3D Internal Structure Design Project

Volumetric Illustration

Generates fake volumetric (but 2D) texture using guided texture synthesis on cross-section.

Publication: Owada et al. “Volumetric Illustration: Designing 3D Models with Internal Textures”, Proc. SIGGRAPH 2004, pp.322-328 PDF / HP

Volumetric Painter

Generates real volumetric object whose structure is guided by example elements arrangement on cross-sectional plane.

Shigeru Owada, Takahiro Harada, Philipp Holzer and Takeo Igarashi “Volume Painter: Geometry-Guided Volume Modeling by Sketching on the Cross-Section”, Proc. Eurographics Symposium on Sketcy-Based Interfaces and Modeling 2008 (SBIM 08), pp.9-16. PDF


Gudon Kremer

A toy hacker, tech violinist, computer graphics fan, childminder, and the organizer of Toyhack Club.

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