Spresense e-Violin V2

"Spresense e-Violin" is a handmade electric violin controlled by Sony's Spresense. This is a brand new, built-from-scratch version of our previous remodeled e-violin. A new feature is lots of LEDs and the ultraviolet LED control that illuminates the bow hair, dyed with fluorescent liquid.

Making tips:

Previous version:

投稿日: カテゴリー Musicタグ


ELEKIT sells a cute toy grasshopper with solar panels. I used a door vibration sensor, a temperature/humidity sensor, acceleration sensor, and human detection sensor. Also I added a song module taken from Eric Carl’s ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’. This one sends the atmosphere information with BLE and controls home appliances with ECHONET Lite. This development was fun.

This was awarded by the first ELEKIT Contest
第1回「エレキット くらしハックコンテスト」技術賞受賞作品

投稿日: カテゴリー Homeタグ

Remodel Zyuoh Changer into a Phone

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (JP HP)”‘s transformation item “Zyuoh Changer” is shaped like a cellphone. Therefore we added a real phone ability by Twilio, Raspberry pi, 3G SIM, and Lightblue Bean. It took as long as 3 months to create this. It was a hard work (After published this article, I realized Qiita is not the place to announce this sort of case study.)

Renesus GR-LYCHEE Customizable Camera Case

GR-LYCHEE is a cute Arduino-compatible ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1LU board with a nice camera module, produce by Renesus. You can get one here. Our model is intended to be the best case of the board when used as a camera, which can contain an easy-to-get dry battery case and an LCD display, as well as a low-cost universal prototyping board sold at Akizuki denshi.On top of the case is the LEGO-compatible attachments, which you can play with.

You can get one at our DMM shop!

With this case, we won the first prize at GR-LYCHEE DESIGN CONTEST 2018.

Bidirectional Picture Story Show

This is an IT-powered picture story show that automatically controls lights, fan, etc. on the progress of the story. The audience can also give feedback to the system by making handclap or any noise.

Demonstrated at :
2018.8.4-5 @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2018
2018.8.14 @ Kuraki Nagata Nursery School

Hacker’s Fairy Door

In summer 2018, Kuraki Nagata Nursery School held an event for children to experience an adventure with fairies.
The finale of the event was to watch fairies fly off to the sky from the door.

Demonstrated at :
2018.7.13 @ Kuraki Nagata Nursery School
2018.8.4-5 @ Maker Faire Tokyo 2018