Spresense e-Violin V3 (under development)

We're developing a new version of Spresense e-violin.
From this version, we try to automatically tune the strings.

As a trial, we attached a single DC motor to pull one string. We also attached piezo pickup, connected to Spresense. The sampled sound is FFTed and the estimated frequency is used to adjust the tension of the string.

In near future, we expect to control four motors by this 3D-printed motor box.

Renesus GR-LYCHEE Customizable Camera Case

GR-LYCHEE is a cute Arduino-compatible ARM Cortex-A RZ/A1LU board with a nice camera module, produce by Renesus. You can get one here. Our model is intended to be the best case of the board when used as a camera, which can contain an easy-to-get dry battery case and an LCD display, as well as a low-cost universal prototyping board sold at Akizuki denshi.On top of the case is the LEGO-compatible attachments, which you can play with.

You can get one at our DMM shop!

With this case, we won the first prize at GR-LYCHEE DESIGN CONTEST 2018.