Spresense e-Violin V3 (under development)

We're developing a new version of Spresense e-violin.
From this version, we try to automatically tune the strings.

As a trial, we attached a single DC motor to pull one string. We also attached piezo pickup, connected to Spresense. The sampled sound is FFTed and the estimated frequency is used to adjust the tension of the string.

In near future, we expect to control four motors by this 3D-printed motor box.

Spresense e-Violin V2

"Spresense e-Violin" is a handmade electric violin controlled by Sony's Spresense. This is a brand new, built-from-scratch version of our previous remodeled e-violin. A new feature is lots of LEDs and the ultraviolet LED control that illuminates the bow hair, dyed with fluorescent liquid.

Making tips:

Previous version:

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